Lady Bug On Thistle

During a walk at Davidsons Mill Pond Park we noticed this Lady Bug on a Thistle. I thought it looked interesting against the textures on the Thistle. Also it sort of had the same roundish shape as the Thistle. I was traveling light with a 300mm f/4 lens on a Canon 1D mkIV.

6 Comments on “Lady Bug On Thistle

    • Yes, we usually see them at the parks we visit. At our old home we saw them occasionally i our gardens. At our condo I do not think we have seen any in our gardens.

  1. I love ladybugs! Is that a second smaller bug to the right of the featured ladybug, just where the pink part of the thistle begins?

    • Yes! I think it is! At first I thought the 2 dark strands next to it were legs but looking at the hires file they are part of the plant. But the dark spot looks like part of a bug’s body.

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