Steamtown National Historic Site (part 3)

This should be the last post on the Steamtown National Historic Site. Again concentrating on the Railyard where the rusting trains are stored. This area has live tracks with active trains going around the tracks with the relics off to the side. Which seems strange to allow people to wander around. It also seems odd because the museum is pristine and this area is completely opposite! But it Very interesting to see & photograph!


Trains on active tracks



a_snow plow_80I4357

Snow thrower 2img pan 24mm

Above images are images of rusting old snow removal engines. Cannot image these going down the tracks. One is a snow plow, the other a massive snow thrower. The Snow Thrower blades were HUGE.
_80I4255 snow plow

a_80I4486 v2

In the middle of all the rusting trains was this huge elevated walkway to take you to the “Mall at Steamtown” which seemed a little strange in the middle of all the rusting trains. But it had an interesting Strange geometric look in all the rust & decay! Reminds me of a metal bug with legs!



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    • Yes! I agree! When my friend asked if I wanted to go with him, I said trains, I don’t know! Then he said it was much more than trains!

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