Unicorn Clubtail Dragonfly Warming On Rock

I found this Unicorn Clubtail dragonfly sunning on a warm rock. I usually never see Clubtail dragonflies in any of my places I go to photograph Dragons & Damsels. These images were taken with a Canon 400mm Canon DO lens with an extension tube and a 1.4x teleconverter on a Canon 7D. The wings on the bottom of the image look like there are 2 sets of wings on that side because of the shadow of the wings on the rock. Unicorn Clubtail Dragonfly v2_1_4X 7D_MG_0651

8 Comments on “Unicorn Clubtail Dragonfly Warming On Rock

  1. Beautiful shots, Reed, of a dragonfly that has long been one of my favorites. Most of the time I see Unicorn Clubtails perched on vegetation overhanging the water and the details of the dragonfly get lost amid the ground clutter. The rock provided a perfect backdrop for this male Unicorn Clubtail, showing well the lighter colored terminal appendages that make it relatively easy to identify this species.

    • Thanks Mike! I never saw one of these before so I was hoping I ID’d it correctly. I usually use the website – Dragonflies and Damselflies of the Delmarva.html.

      • It looks right to me. I have a hardcopy identification guide, but often refer to the Dragonflies of Northern Virginia website (http://dragonfliesnva.com/). There are also several Facebook ode groups that I belong to that have real experts who can help with identification.

      • Thanks Mike! I will check that website also! Because of the pandemic we have not traveled to some of our favorite dragonfly locations farther away. Blackwater NWR is one that we liked best! Bald Eagles & Dragonflies, hard to beat in one location!

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