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23 Comments on “Welcome to my blog!

    • Hi John, Thanks for stopping by and looking. I went to your website and enjoyed your portfolio. And really liked your photos that won in the Nature’s Best Windland Smith Rice competition! Well Done.

    • Thank you! It is fun to see what you find to photograph and different ways to see subjects. Sorry for the delay in responding! Work sometimes gets in the way!

      • Word? A four-letter word if there ever was one 🙂 Hope you find some non-work time with your camera today.

  1. Wow! Your images are incredible. I really enjoyed the dragonflies especially. I love their faces, like little monkeys!

    • Thank You! The dragonflies are fun to photograph as well as a challenge! That is why I like photographing them. It gets tough as the season goes on because their wings seem to get beat up and ragged looking so they are not as “pristine” looking. But it does document them.

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