Autumn Leaves

Here are some Autumn leaf images taken a few years ago. So far this season, here in NJ, the leaves are not very colorful. So while I am waiting I thought I would post these. The featured image was taken @f/11 with a 400mm f/4 DO lens with a 1.4x teleconverter. The leaf was floating in a small lake at sunrise. Images below were along the the walking paths at the Celery Farm Natural Area in Allendale, NJ.

Leaf on Leaves, Celery Farm Natural Area, Canon 70-300mm DO lens @ 300mm, f/8, Canon 1D mkIV
Leaf on Leaves, Celery Farm Natural Area, Canon 70-300mm DO lens @ 210mm, f/8, Canon 1D mkIV
Colorful Leaves, Celery Farm Natural Area, Canon 70-300mm DO lens @ 230mm, f/8
Leaf on Stump, Celery Farm Natural Area, Canon 70-300mm DO lens @ 180mm, f/11

LadyBug On Thistle

On a visit to Davidsons Mill Pond Park, I found this Ladybug climbing on a Thistle. I liked the “Spot” of Color of the Ladybug against the green part of the Thistle. I thought it looked like it was pointing to the flowering colorful top on the thistle and added interest. Image taken with 300mm lens @ f/11 on a Canon 1D mkIV.

Brown Pelican FlyBy

A close flyby image of a Brown Pelican from the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge  in Cambridge, Maryland. I was purging files from backup hard disks and thought this was an interesting image of the Brown Pelican to post here. Image taken with a 400mm Canon DO lens on a Canon 1D mkIV.

Praying Mantises In The Garden

I was looking in our gardens for Praying Mantises to photograph. I found 2 fairly large ones on two different plants. The featured image is 7 images, focus stacked in Photoshop. I was using a 300mm lens with a 2x teleconverter. When doing focus stacking with live subjects you have to photograph your series of images quickly, because you can touch-up slight movement of your subject, but if there is a lot of movement it makes the blending of images much harder.

Prating Mantis_v2_300mm_2X_1DmkIV_43G0993

Smaller Praying Mantis, 2 Image Focus Stack, 300mm, 2x teleconverter

Early Morning Canon Sunrise

I was going through old backup drives and found this image of a sunrise at a local Wildlife Area near my old home. I used to carry a small Panasonic LX1 pocket camera with me when I was carrying my main camera with a long lens. This was handy for wider view images and not have to lug a second larger camera. Now I just rely on my iPhone 11 Pro which does a much better job. Especially if you set the phone for HEIC Raw Images. While I was working on this file I never noticed before a bug on the tip of the lens by the sunburst ray. Panasonic LX1 image taken @ 6.3mm (full frame image equivalent ~ 32mm)

Widow Skimmer Dragonflies – Male & Female

The featured image and the one below are male Widow Skimmers. Images taken with a 300mm f/4 canon lens with a 1.4X Canon teleconverter.
Widow_Skimmer_v1 DM_7_18_43G0552

Below are images of female Widow Skimmer dragonflies. Female Widow Skimmers do not have white on the wings and have a different body coloring.

Widow Skimmer_FM_43G6887Widow Skimmer_v1_43G6906

Eastern Amberwing In Garden

I was looking for bugs in the garden and noticed this female Eastern Amberwing on a Hydrangea.  It was a nice photo subject as it stayed in the general area giving me multiple opportunities to photograph it on multiple plants. All images were taken with a 300mm lens with a 1.4x teleconverter on a Canon 1D mkIV.Eastern _Amberwing_FM_300mm_v3_1_4X_f16_1DmkIV_43G0358Eastern _Amberwing_FM_300mm_v4_1_4X_f16_1DmkIV_43G0358Eastern_Amberwing_FM_300mm_v3_1_4X_1DmkIV_43G0379

Junk Bug On Zinnia

It is a lacewing larva or sometimes just called a “junk bug” because of the junk it carries around on its back. The tiny larvae come up with all sorts of creative disguises to confuse predators. Other larvae may use bits and pieces of leaves, dead insects or whatever debris is available. I have seen these in other gardens, but never tried to find out what they were.

Junk_Bug v2 feat_300mm_1_4x_1DmkIV_43G0692Junk Bug_300mm_1_4X_1Dmk_IV_43G0632Junk Bug_zinniz_v1_300mm _1_4X_1DmkIV f22__43G0625-2

Snowy Egret Fishing

I liked this graceful pose of this Snowy Egret. I was shooting bursts as this Snowy was fishing, dancing around in the shallow water. When I was adjusting files this one was my favorite pose from the series.

Lady Bug On Thistle

During a walk at Davidsons Mill Pond Park we noticed this Lady Bug on a Thistle. I thought it looked interesting against the textures on the Thistle. Also it sort of had the same roundish shape as the Thistle. I was traveling light with a 300mm f/4 lens on a Canon 1D mkIV.

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