Male & Female Blue Dasher Dragonflies

We went to a local park to see what we could find. Found a few Blue Dashers by the ponds, but most were looking the worse for wear. Then I concentrated on Butterflies that were around. When photographing Dragonflies I usually shoot multiple images at different focus points. This is to keep a smoother background and still get more of the dragonflies body and wings in somewhat sharper focus. It also depends on if the dragonfly cooperates and does not change position or flies off. The featured image I only had time for 1 shot so the tail is softer. The others were 2 images, so somewhat more depth of field.


Female Blue Dasher Dragonfly – f/8, 1/80 sec., +0.33 Exposure Compensation

Blue_Dasher_Male_DM 2img_stk_v2

Male Blue Dasher Dragonfly – 2 image handheld stack to retain more image sharpness from head to tail and still keep a smoother background. Canon 300mm f/4 Close Focusing lens, with 1.4X Teleconverter shot @ f/11 – 1600 ISO

6 Comments on “Male & Female Blue Dasher Dragonflies

  1. Gorgeous, detailed shots, Reed! I’m almost ready with my dragonfly ‘attempts’ post. I think they are almost a tease, taking off and coming back to light on the same twig and pose again, when you try to photograph them! 😉

    • Thanks Donna! Once you get used to photographing them they are fun photo subjects! Sort of Prehistoric looking. Sometimes the hardest part is ID’ing them! Blackwater has a great variety of them to photograph! A lot of different types by the lookout platform to the left of the Wildlife Drive after you enter. Also the straightaway on the Wildlife Drive in the woods with water on both sides. (But usually very “buggy” there) There is usually a BIG difference between the males & females. Also the Gardens behind the visitor center quite active. Trouble is most Dragonflies are looking the worse for wear now.

      Here is a link with images for ID’ing them in your area. Shows both Male & Female for each in your area.

      • Thank you, Reed, for the BNWR vantage points and Delmarva link! That’s not one I’ve seen/used before. I just about finished up my dragonfly post, I think I’ll be able to post it tonight. I took a lot of time to really try to ID mine correctly, but after just looking at the link you sent me, I may have errors. 😩 If you get a chance to check it out after I get it up, please let me know if you see any mistakes I made! 🙂

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