Blackwater NWR Panoramas

Here are a few panoramas from the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge in Cambridge, Maryland. The featured Sunrise image is a panorama image made with 5 horizontal overlapping images, each shot at 24mm and assembled in Photoshop. This is an image of the Little Blackwater River along the entrance to the Wildlife Drive. The final size for the featured sunrise image is 95 inches long x 18 inches high @ 300ppi. Sunrises & Sunsets are usually very colorful at the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge which is one of my favorite photo destinations.


Blackwater NWR Sunrise across from the lookout platform along the Wildlife Drive. ( 2 image Pano)

Image below is a multi-image vertical panorama. Sometimes it is fun to try different format orientations instead of ones you usually see. Most panoramas are Horizontal.


2 vertical images blended for vertical Sunrise panorama shoot @ 24mm


Single 12mm Sunrise Image

BWR 10_img_pan_dusk_v5

Dusk Panorama Further Down The Wildlife Drive. 10 vertical images @ 24mm combined for panorama 

BWR Sunset_B_vert_24mm_images_vf4

Dusk Panorama Along Wildlife Drive. 6 vertical images @ 12mm for panorama.


10 Comments on “Blackwater NWR Panoramas

    • Thanks Eliza! It is a Great place to photograph! Great Sunsets and Sunrises and the largest concentration of Bald Eagles in the Northeast.

  1. These are breath-taking, Reed! The sunset images are WOW!! BNWR offers such awesome vantage points to shoot both sunrises and sunsets. If I could just get my you-know-what up early enough to go to BNWR for a sunrise, but not knowing if it’ll be dramatic is part of my sleepy problem. I wish I was at BNWR couple nights ago for the sunset that I just posted taken over downtown Cambridge Creek. Those BNWR photos would have been stunning too. 🙂

    • Thanks Donna!! BWR is one of our favorite places to photograph! I am jealous you live so close to Blackwater! Between Eagles, Dragonflies and Sunsets & Sunrises it is a Great Trip. (Also Great Cloud Formations) We do not get there as often as I like, so we try to make the most out of each visit. Tubman Road Trail at BWR was also great to photograph. There was an Eagle nest you could see from the Observation platform and if you had 800mm with a teleconverter you could get a lot of nest activity. But sadly Tubman seems very overgrown and sort of neglected now. Thanks again!!

      • I imagine you come for an overnighter in Cambridge/Easton for your BNWR visit?

        The clouds were everywhere, I was tempted to run over this evening for the sunset but ‘things’ came up and couldn’t. The sunset was a bust, so I was glad, lol.

      • Sometimes it is a long 1 day, others might be 2 or 3 days. When we retired, we actually moved 1 hour closer to BWR! So only 3 hours to get there now.

    • Thanks Belinda! It is a Great place to photograph! One of my favorite places to spend time photographing. Especially sunrises and sunsets! And the largest concentration of Bald Eagles in the Northeast.

    • Thanks Steve! We love photographing at Blackwater NWR because of the fantastic Sunrises & Sunsets! They say it is because it is close to the coast. Sometimes you are lucky and get large flocks of birds flying in them also. The Bald Eagles are not bad either! They have the largest concentration of them in the Northeast from what we were told. Thanks again!

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