Yellow Swallowtail Butterfly

Continuing with the previous post with butterflies, here is a Yellow Swallowtail series of images taken at the same time as the previous post. We have not seen as many butterflies this year as previous years. Even though at this park they have a Butterfly House and raise them to release them in the park. Plus the butterfly house has plantings around the Butterfly house to attract other butterflies. In previous years they were very abundant throughout the Park. Even Dragonflies seem to be more scarce this year at this Park also. Time is marching on and the Butterflies you see show considerable wear and tear. The Butterfly series shown below really liked this plant and stayed for about 10 minutes. I only picked a few of the images of that series to post here.

Yellow Swallowtail v1_DM__76A2421Yellow_Swallowtail_v1_DM_76A2414Yellow_Swallowtail_FM v2_DM__76A2394Yellow_Swallowtail_FM v4_DM__76A2392Yellow_Swallowtail_v5_DM__76A2391

10 Comments on “Yellow Swallowtail Butterfly

  1. Nice shots, Reed. We get tiger and black swallowtails in the yard. I plant parsley for the black swallowtails which they like for their larvae. The flower is one of the Joe Pye Weeds, I believe.

    • Thanks for the info Steve!! I live in a condo community now and they are very liberal with spraying chemicals so we hardly see any butterflies anymore at our home.

      • Our town does not do that but my next door neighbor kills anything that isn’t a blade of his preferred grass including insects. We used to have a great variety of all local insects but are now part of the insect apocalypse.

    • Thanks Donna!! They are fun to photograph, but they seemed a little scarce this year. To bad they all look a little worse for wear now!

    • Thanks so much Eliza! They are fun to photograph! But I seem to never remember the names of flowers and weeds they are on!! Even when Kathy tells me, the names do not stay in my memory banks!!

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