Male & Female Blue Dasher Dragonflies

We went to a local park to see what we could find. Found a few Blue Dashers by the ponds, but most were looking the worse for wear. Then I concentrated on Butterflies that were around. When photographing Dragonflies I usually shoot multiple images at different focus points. This is to keep a smoother background and still get more of the dragonflies body and wings in somewhat sharper focus. It also depends on if the dragonfly cooperates and does not change position or flies off. The featured image I only had time for 1 shot so the tail is softer. The others were 2 images, so somewhat more depth of field.


Female Blue Dasher Dragonfly – f/8, 1/80 sec., +0.33 Exposure Compensation

Blue_Dasher_Male_DM 2img_stk_v2

Male Blue Dasher Dragonfly – 2 image handheld stack to retain more image sharpness from head to tail and still keep a smoother background. Canon 300mm f/4 Close Focusing lens, with 1.4X Teleconverter shot @ f/11 – 1600 ISO

It Is Dragonfly Season

Some of my favorite photo subjects are Dragonflies and Damselflies. Here are a few Dragonflies to start with. The featured image is a photo of a female Calico Pennant. I was using a 300mm lens that has a close focusing capability, with a 1.4X Teleconverter for a combined focal length of 420mm.


Blue Dasher Dragonfly – Female


Eastern Pondhawk Dragonfly – Female

Female Blue Dasher Dragonfly Laying Eggs

While I was photographing the Dragonflies and Damselflies at my pond, this Female Blue Dasher flew in and started laying eggs in the pond. The male Blue Dashers kept chasing her and she would hide in the lily pads. She finally got a break and spent a few minutes out in the open laying eggs right where I was setup. I was using a fill flash with a better beamer which helped stop some of the motion blur, mainly on the body, but the wings were moving too quickly even with a flash to stop the wing movement.

Female Blue Dasher lay eggs v1_43G0389

Blue Dasher Female lay eggs v3 43G0388-2

Blue Dasher female lay eggs v1_43G0376

Blue Dasher female lay eggs v2_43G0374

Blue dasher female lay eggs v2_43G0371

blue dasher female lay eggs v2_43G0390

blue dasher female lay eggs v2_43G0389

Female Blue Dasher

This Blue Dasher female dragonfly had just finished mating and stopped to pose on this dried plant. Then she started flying close to the water before laying eggs. She stayed in this one area working over a 2 foot or so span, giving me a chance to get some flight photos.

_43G3960 pond blue dasher female eggs v2

_43G3962 pond blue dasher female eggs v2

_43G3968 pond blue dasher female v4

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