Spangled Skimmers

We found quite a few Spangled Skimmers At Davidson’s Mill Pond Park when we went to look for and photograph Dragonflies. It gave us opportunities to get a variety of angles and views of the Spangled Skimmers as they darted around the small pond there. Looking them up online it seems they like Well-vegetated ponds and lakes or occasionally slow-moving areas of streams. Also they are more prevalent in Summer while others are around starting in the Spring.

Spangled_Skimmer_v3_DM 7 18_43G9387Spangled_Skimmer v1a_43G9402Spangled_Skimmer_v8a DM 7 18Spangled_Skimmer_ v11 DM 7 18_43G9494aSpangled_Skimmer_v12b_DM 7 18Spangled_Skimmer_ v15 DM 7 18_43G9587Spangled_Skimmer v18 DM 7 18_43G9745Spangled Skimmer_v16a_DM 7 18_43G9606

8 Comments on “Spangled Skimmers

  1. I know I just constantly say ‘wow’ to your photos, but there is a reason for that! I love these black versions. Like Batman.

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