Golden-Winged Skimmer

While I was at the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge I photographed a lot of dragonflies. Some I have not noticed before. It is fun to find some that are different from my usual local varieties. I really liked these Golden-winged Skimmers. Besides their main color which really stands out, the wings look really cool also. Some images are focus stacked images, combined in Photoshop.

Golden-Winged_Skimmer_ v1_BWR _Dragonfly_v5_8_18Golden_Winged_Skimmer_v2_BWR_MG_5607Golden_Winged_Skimmer_v2_BWR_8_18_MG_5623Golden_Winged_Skimmer_v2_MG_5637


4 Comments on “Golden-Winged Skimmer

  1. That’s sure a pretty one! I really enjoy your dragonfly photos. You find many more species than I get to see here and the photos are terrific. I’m really fond of dragonflies anyway.

    • Thanks! I really liked this one also. I have a whole series of dragonflies from Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge. Many I am still trying to ID. Funny, I have been photographing there for over 12 years and this is the first time I have seen so many I did not know what they were. Maybe because it was the first time I was there at the end of July beginning of August.

    • Thank You! They are fun to photograph and challenging also. I tend to shoot with the lens not stopped down much to get a smoother background and shoot a series of focus points, mostly wingtips and tail and blend them in Photoshop to get what I want.

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