Spangled Skimmer Dragonfly @ Davidsons Mill Pond Park

We were going for a walk at the Davidsons Mill Pond Park so I took a camera with me to look for some dragonflies to photograph. Most of the Dragonflies were far out buzzing around the small pond but I did manage to get a few images there to post. Then we went down to the larger lake and got a few more Dragonflies resting in the bushes by the larger lake. I was traveling light with an Olympus OM D 1 with a 100-300mm lens since I did not think the Dragonflies would be very active at noon. The Olympus m43 camera & lens @ 300mm has the Field of View of a Full Frame Canon camera @ 600mm. For this post I am showing images of a Spangled Skimmer Dragonfly. I usually do not see this type of dragonfly so it was fun to see & photograph!

Moving Closer to Fill the frame more – Spangled Skimmer Dragonfly, Olympus OM D 1, 100-300mm lens @ 300mm

Dragonfly Wing Damage

It is starting to be the time of year when dragonflies start to show signs of wear & tear on their wings. It seems they must lead a rough life from the looks of wear on some of them. The featured image is a male Slaty Skimmer Dragonfly.


Blue Dasher, 300mm, 2x teleconverter, (600mm) 2 images – focus stacked

Blue_Dasher_PP_v5_5img stk_600mm

Blue Dasher, 300mm, 2x teleconverter, (600mm) 5 images focus stacked


Eastern Pondhawk Male – (600mm) 3 images focus stacked

Blue_Dasher_v10_960mm_DM 7 18

Blue Dasher, (960mm) Multi-image stack


Blue Dasher, (600mm) multi-image focus stack

Dragon pano v1

2 Male Spangled Skimmers, (600mm) 2 image focus stack

Spangled Skimmers

We found quite a few Spangled Skimmers At Davidson’s Mill Pond Park when we went to look for and photograph Dragonflies. It gave us opportunities to get a variety of angles and views of the Spangled Skimmers as they darted around the small pond there. Looking them up online it seems they like Well-vegetated ponds and lakes or occasionally slow-moving areas of streams. Also they are more prevalent in Summer while others are around starting in the Spring.

Spangled_Skimmer_v3_DM 7 18_43G9387Spangled_Skimmer v1a_43G9402Spangled_Skimmer_v8a DM 7 18Spangled_Skimmer_ v11 DM 7 18_43G9494aSpangled_Skimmer_v12b_DM 7 18Spangled_Skimmer_ v15 DM 7 18_43G9587Spangled_Skimmer v18 DM 7 18_43G9745Spangled Skimmer_v16a_DM 7 18_43G9606

Spangled Skimmers At Davidson’s Mill Pond Park

The Dragonflies are abundant at Davidson’s Mill Pond Park giving photographers a lot of photo opportunities. The temperature here has finally gotten down to normal temperatures for this time of year. With the heat index’s around 110 degrees for most of the week it was not a great time to photograph outdoors chasing dragonflies. There are a lot of Spangled Skimmers in the two main ponds. So this post will highlight these dragonflies. This is the first time I have come across these dragonflies. It is interesting to see a few different varieties of dragonflies by moving to a new home only 65 miles from where I used to be.

Spangled_Skimmer_v3_DM 7 18_43G9387Spangled_Skimmer_v12b_DM 7 18Spangled_Skimmer_ v11 DM 7 18_43G9494aSpangled_Skimmer_v8a DM 7 18Spangled_Skimmer_v14 DM 7 18_43G9545Spangled_Skimmer_ v15 DM 7 18_43G9587Spangled Skimmer_v16a_DM 7 18_43G9606Spangled_Skimmer v18 DM 7 18_43G9745


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