Blackwater NWR Snow Geese 28 Image Panorama

These images are from a trip to the Blackwater NWR in February 2017. The original panorama image is made from 28 images, shot handheld from left to right. The final image @300 ppi is 248″long x 10.3″ high. I was using a Canon 1DmkIV with a 400mm DO lens with a 1.4X Canon Teleconverter. The featured image is reduced so much to fit the featured image format that I broke them down below into 6 individual images so you can still see some of the the detail in the full 248″ image. Posting size in this blog really reduces the sharpness in the images but hopefully they hold up somewhat.

Section 1
Section 2
Section 3
Section 4
Section 5
Section 6

13 Comments on “Blackwater NWR Snow Geese 28 Image Panorama

    • Thanks! But Photoshop does a Great job aligning and blending the images. After that you just use “content aware fill” to fill have Photoshop fill in the uneven empty spaces along the top & bottom blank areas. It usually looks pretty good on the fill in areas. If you want I can do a post showing how to do that. But you would need Photoshop.

      • Sure, I’m a heavy Photoshop user so that isn’t a problem. Think I read a previous stitching post from you, but can’t remember for sure now (will have to check my bookmarks). I was actually just looking into trying out vertical panos as well based on an extreme landscape talk I recently watched.

    • Yes! When I photograph a multi-image panorama I do not know how many shots I need till I get to the end! This time it was 28 horizontal images! I probably over did it! In the old days I would print it and put it in the studio!

    • Yes! I actually tried counting them, but kept losing track of where I was! So it was in the thousands. An upcoming post will be hundreds in flight!

    • Yes it is! When I had my photo studio I would print them out and they made for interesting wall art. It also gave clients ideas for there own space. I had about 5,000 sq ft so had lots of wall space!

    • Yes, when you are close they do make a lot of noise! Especially when they are about to take off in a large group! At one visit I was photographing a large group closeup. They they took off and I was engulfed by them. It was amazing and very noisy!

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