Twelve-Spotted Skimmer Dragonfly Images

A series of Twelve-Spotted Skimmer Dragonfly images taken with a Canon 400mm DO lens with an Extension Tube added for closer focusing on a Canon 1D mkIV. I was also using a Canon 600EX-RT Flash with a Better Beamer Flash Extender for filling in the shadows & to get more detail on the Dragonfly. All images are full frame, not cropped. I was shooting @ f/8 or f/11 for a smoother clean background.

Damselfly & Dragonfly Season is Starting Soon

It will not be long before we start seeing Dragonflies & Damselflies here in NJ. These are some of my favorite photo subjects. The images here were taken years ago at my pond at my old home. These were taken with an old 200mm Canon FD Manual focus macro lens adapted to a m43 Panasonic GH2 Camera or a Canon 400mm DO Lens with extension tubes for closer focusing. FOV of the Canon FD lens on a m43 body gave me the equivalent of a 400mm Macro lens. The Featured Image is a Damselfly with a raindrop on it’s head.

Damselfly Side View, 200mm FD Canon Lens, Panasonic GH2
Blue Dasher Dragonfly, 400mm Canon DO lens with an Extension Tube for Closer Focusing, Canon 1D mkIV

Soaring Swallow-tailed Kites

On one of our trips to Lake Woodruff National Wildlife Refuge in Florida we saw quite a few Swallow-tailed Kites flying above us. They were fun to see soaring as we were walking the trails. Usually they were really high up in the sky or far off in the distance so we never got good images of them. But the images here are from one visit when they were soaring right above us near the parking lot. They were still really high above us but I thought they were still interesting images. All images were taken with a Canon 400mm DO lens with a 1.4X Teleconverter on a Canon 1DmkIV.

Sunrise & Sunset At Blackwater NWR

A series of sunrise and sunset images from a previous trip to Blackwater NWR near Cambridge, Maryland. The Featured Image was taken with a Canon 400mm DO lens with a 1.4X Teleconverter.

2 Image vertical stack of a Blackwater NWR Sunrise, Canon 24-105mm lens @ 105mm
Blackwater Sunset, 7 Images, 400mm DO lens, Canon 1.4X Teleconverter, 1D mkIV

Mergansers Swim-By In Late Afternoon Warm Light

I was going through some of my Backup Drives to clean-up unneeded files & found this 2 image panorama of 4 Mergansers swimming by in the warm late afternoon light at the Celery Farm Natural Area in Allendale NJ. The image was taken with a Canon 1D mkIV with a 400mm DO lens with a Canon 1.4X Teleconverter .

Blackwater NWR Snow Geese 28 Image Panorama

These images are from a trip to the Blackwater NWR in February 2017. The original panorama image is made from 28 images, shot handheld from left to right. The final image @300 ppi is 248″long x 10.3″ high. I was using a Canon 1DmkIV with a 400mm DO lens with a 1.4X Canon Teleconverter. The featured image is reduced so much to fit the featured image format that I broke them down below into 6 individual images so you can still see some of the the detail in the full 248″ image. Posting size in this blog really reduces the sharpness in the images but hopefully they hold up somewhat.

Section 1
Section 2
Section 3
Section 4
Section 5
Section 6

Mute Swans Swimming In Gull Pond

On our recent trip to the Brigantine Division of the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge in Oceanville, NJ we saw 2 groups of a pair Mute Swans. They usually do not stay around this long as it gets colder this time of year. One pair were in Gull Pond by the 2 way section of the Wildlife Drive and the other pair were in the water by the end of the Wildlife Drive in Doughey Creek. It was fun to see and be able to photograph them swimming in the waters at Gull Pond. I was not able to photograph them at the end of the Drive because so many cars were blocking the view of them waiting to photograph them so we just drove past the cars to go through the Wildlife Drive again.

Mute Swans in Gull Pond, 150-600mm Tamron @ 600mm, Canon 1D mkIV (-2/3rds exposure compensation to hold detail in the white swan)
Mute Swan in Gull Pond, 150-600mm Tamron @ 600mm, Canon 1D mkIV (-2/3rds exposure compensation to hold detail in the white swan)

Steamtown National Historic Site (part 1)

I was going through backup hard drives looking for an image an old client needed and I came across these images taken many years ago when a friend took me to Steamtown National Historic Site in Scranton, PA. I thought it would be interesting since it is hard to travel far for interesting destinations to photograph at the moment. Steamtown National Historic Site is a railroad museum and heritage railroad located on 62.48 acres in downtown Scranton, Pennsylvania, at the site of the former Scranton yards of the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad. In non Covid times you can actually book trips on some of these to select destinations hours away.  I was not really interested in trains (they don’t have wings!), but he convinced me it would be a great day. And it was! It is an amazing place to photograph. Talk about Heavy Metal! I did not know what to expect so I brought a few lenses, but he laughed at me when I included a 70-300mm lens. In the end I only used a 24-105mm zoom. Probably should have included the 12-24mm, but with these huge subjects wide angle distortion would have looked strange. But it was definitely a fun day to Explore & Photograph! There were interesting subjects, details and trains all over the site. But my favorites were the rusting hulks in the storage train track areas waiting to be restored or maybe there for parts. But you have to be aware & careful because off in the rusting hulks there are active train tracks. In this post I will concentrate mostly on restored ones, but I will put in a few rusting ones! Tomorrow I will feature the rusting ones!

2 union Pacific 4012 display

Description of Featured train above – Union Pacific #4012


Front of Baldwin Engine 8

a_80I4697 72mm_f13_td

Drive wheel detail

Locomotive 24mm being restored_759_v1

759 in restoration area

a_80I4517 v3

Rusting “Old Passenger Car” on Storage Tracks

Railroad tracks_v1 24mm

Train Tracks out in Storage Area- sepia-toned

a montage

Head-on split image – Newer & Old Comparison Engines


Lackawanna Diesel – Restored


Turntable track to bays


Restored Diesel – 902 Reading Lines


Wider view #8 Engine


Restored Train in Roundhouse

Pano Tender

7 images @24mm panorama – Rusting Tender out in holding storage area


Bay Tracks to Storage Bays


Restored Old Mail Car


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