Praying Mantis Panoramas

I’ve noticed a quite a few Praying Mantises on my carport and in our gardens lately. This time I wanted to try some panoramas along with single closeup images. I chose a Sigma 150mm macro with a Canon 2x teleconverter so I was shooting @ 300mm. The featured image is a 3 shot vertical panorama.


Single image @300mm of Mantis on back of carport

Praying Mantis Closeup_v2_150Mac_w_2x_Tele_76A5960

Praying Mantis closeup in garden @ 300mm (150mm Macro w/ 2x teleconverter)


Praying Mantis 4 image panorama @ 300mm


2 image panorama @ 300mm

6 Comments on “Praying Mantis Panoramas

  1. Wow. These panorama shots are awesome. I especially liked the four-shot panorama image. It kind of blows my mind to even think of a panorama macro shot–I think more of image stacking with macro. It is cool, Reed, how you push the boundaries of “normal.” 🙂

    • Thanks so much Mike! They are fun to do once you do a few! Plus you get more detail in a larger file. Most of my photo friends would definitely say I am abnormal! What’s more challenging is doing a series of image stacking for each section of a macro panorama. And then taking those and using them for the panorama. Luckily Photoshop does most of the work!😊👍

    • They are fun to photograph! This is the most we have seen this year! Also a wide variety of colors. Plus they really seem to “stare” at you when you are that close!

    • Thanks Eliza! Yes they definitely seem to tilt there heads around as they are looking at you. Sort of like “what are you looking at!” Or “get out of my face!” Also they have painful bite!

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