Praying Mantis Garden Close-ups

We seem to have had a lot of Praying Mantises in our Gardens this year. We also saw quite a few in local parks. This series shows some closeups shot with a 150mm Macro. Some I concentrated more on the head, others just overall shots. When you get really close it is interesting to see their eyes and you feel they are really looking at you as you photograph them. To keep softer non-distracting backgrounds I shot @ f/8 or f/11 and smoothed backgrounds as I was working on the files. I liked the Featured image best because it seemed to say “Who you looking at!”




Same location, Different Angle for lighter background

4 Comments on “Praying Mantis Garden Close-ups

    • Thanks Donna! That is why I like macro and getting really close! You see things you would miss or not notice! Plus you can just go outside and see what you can find in your own yard. It is also fun after a rain with water drops on your subjects! Also makes you “see” photo subjects differently and ways to show them.

    • Thanks Belinda! They are interesting photo subjects! Plus they do seem to have expressions when you are photographing them that close. After the first few minutes they seem to tolerate your presence. Even head movements giving you different head positions while they are checking you out. But they can can give quite a bite!

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