Mute Swan Swim By

Mute Swans are some of my favorite birds to photograph. They seem sort of expressive in their postures and movement. Plus they are a big subject so easier to see and fill the frame to get a nice image. Plus they do not seem to shy away from you and tend to come right up to where you are shooting. But you can see they keep an eye on you. You just have to make sure you do not blow out the highlights and lose detail in the feathers. Also their wings make a really cool sound when they fly by you!

4 Comments on “Mute Swan Swim By

  1. Thanks! They are quite territorial sometimes. But that is also interesting to photograph. Then at other times I have seen almost 100 on the same small lake.

  2. Nice shot! Per you comment, they are extremely territorial and disliked by many (last I read there were discussions about removing them from Lake Michigan region), but I’ve always found them to be nice subjects for photographing – especially like their interesting behavior of bringing their cygnets by for me to admire whenever I come upon them in the field. Most birds react exactly opposite with their precious offspring. Well done.

    • Thanks! And yes I agree with you on your comments. At this small location they are very territorial and chase other Swans off. But it is interesting to watch. Funny though at a much larger lake about 15 minutes from this one, in the spring and summer there are hundreds of Mute Swans and they seem to tolerate each other. They are in my top 10 birds to photograph. Like you said they seem to come close when they see you and seem to almost pose for you. But they definitely keep an eye on you.

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