Great Blue Heron Portrait

I photographed this Great Blue Heron at a local Wildlife Area where I used to live many years ago. It was on the shoreline early in the am along the path and I took a few photos and went on my way so not to bother the Heron. Image taken at 7am with a Canon 400mm DO lens, 1.4x Teleconverter on a Canon 1D mkIV. I had the lens f/stop set wide open @ f/5.6 to get a softer smoother background. Because I had a 1.4x Teleconverter on the 400mm DO lens my lens aperture wide open went from f/4 to f/5.6.

Mergansers Swim-By In Late Afternoon Warm Light

I was going through some of my Backup Drives to clean-up unneeded files & found this 2 image panorama of 4 Mergansers swimming by in the warm late afternoon light at the Celery Farm Natural Area in Allendale NJ. The image was taken with a Canon 1D mkIV with a 400mm DO lens with a Canon 1.4X Teleconverter .

Early Morning Canon Sunrise

I was going through old backup drives and found this image of a sunrise at a local Wildlife Area near my old home. I used to carry a small Panasonic LX1 pocket camera with me when I was carrying my main camera with a long lens. This was handy for wider view images and not have to lug a second larger camera. Now I just rely on my iPhone 11 Pro which does a much better job. Especially if you set the phone for HEIC Raw Images. While I was working on this file I never noticed before a bug on the tip of the lens by the sunburst ray. Panasonic LX1 image taken @ 6.3mm (full frame image equivalent ~ 32mm)

Great Egret Flying In

The featured image is a Great Egret flying in and landing on the branches that were in the water at a small nature area in Northern NJ. I used to photograph there years ago and since have moved from that area. I was going through images and decided to use these in my blog. As I was working on these images, I liked the reflections in the very still, calm water, giving a smooth mirror image without any small ripples or waves. All images were with a Canon 400mm DO lens.

GE_v1_CF 400mm_MKIII_80I2556GE_v3_CF400mm_MkIII_80I2560 copy


Later that morning the water started to have a few waves. The Egret stayed for quite a while and seemed content to stay on the branches.

Pair Of Wood Ducks

I saw this pair of Wood Ducks at a local park. Usually Wood Ducks are swimming around the lake or on the shore. So it was different to see them balancing on these branches that were in the water. They are definitely colorful ducks!

Mute Swan Swim By

Mute Swans are some of my favorite birds to photograph. They seem sort of expressive in their postures and movement. Plus they are a big subject so easier to see and fill the frame to get a nice image. Plus they do not seem to shy away from you and tend to come right up to where you are shooting. But you can see they keep an eye on you. You just have to make sure you do not blow out the highlights and lose detail in the feathers. Also their wings make a really cool sound when they fly by you!

Flaps Down For Landing

This Great Egret flew across the lake heading for the pile of sticks in the water. As it was landing it’s wings flared out and reminded me of private aviation flying, flaps down. I liked the wing position and angle of the landing Egret.

Christmas Great Blue Heron

I went to our local Wildlife Refuge on Christmas morning to photograph some ducks that have been there. But I was surprised to see this Great Blue Heron that was close by. Sometimes one does stay over the winter, but there have not been any around for quite a while. This one kept going almost completely under the water and splashing around for probably 2o minutes. I have never seen them go that deep in the water. Where it was splashing around was not deep so if it were standing upright the entire body would be above the water. When it was really splashing around you could see the membrane that covers the eye. It was fun to watch and photograph.

_GBH CF 2015 v2 43G1627

GBH CF 2015 v_43G1502

GBH CF 2015 v1_43G1499

GBH CF 2015 v1_43G1500

GBH CF 2015 v1_43G1501

GBH CF 2015 v1_43G1503

GBH CF 2015 v1_43G1511

GBH CF 2015 v1_43G1694

GBH CF 2015 v1_43G1695

GBH CF 2015 v1_43G1696

GBH CF 2015 v1_43G1698

GBH CF 2015 v1_43G1701

GBH CF 2015 v1_43G1789

GBH CF 2015 v1_43G1790

GBH CF 2015 v1_43G1791


GBH CF 2015 v1_43G1693

GBH CF 2015 v3_43G1496


Black-Crowned Night-Heron Sitting in the Shade

I was at the Celery Farm Natural Area a week ago trying to find some interesting birds for the blog. Nothing interesting, a lot of Canada Geese and a few ducks really far out. Right before I left this Black-crowned Night-Heron flew in. It was on a small mound in the water, under heavy shade with dabbled sunlight showing through. It was at least an interesting subject, but in poor light so I shot a bunch of different exposures and got this one. Heavily cropped, but a bird to put on the blog.

Black-crowned Night-heron v4_43G3958


Osprey Fishing Sequence

I was going through some older files and found this Osprey fishing sequence from The Celery Farm Natural Area a few years ago. I thought it was an interesting way to show how an Osprey fishes for its meals.

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