Spider 6-Image Stack

Sometimes I just wander around the yard to see what I can find that is interesting. Here I was using a m43 Camera body with an old Manual focus Canon Lens. I like to play with the m43 bodies because I have so many old Canon and Nikon (among others!) lenses and it is fun to see what I can do with them. Sort of like when I was a kid building something with an Erector Set (for those of you that old to remember them!) They are easily adaptable to the m43 bodies. Here I am using a 200mm f/4 Canon FD Macro lens. So on a m43 body it gives a field of view equivalent sort of to a 400mm macro lens that can go to 2X. This is a series of 6 images, focus stacked and combined in Photoshop. It is not perfect, but fairly close because the spider moved before I finished the stack, so I had to stop the series. Sometimes it is just fun to go “Old School” with old manual focus lenses on newer camera bodies. It is also interesting because as you change the f/stop you see the depth of field changes as you go and remains bright in the viewfinder. Plus you also see visually if you are under or over exposed. It also makes you concentrate on what you are trying to do and see the different results in the viewfinder before you shoot. It reminds me of my old film days being on location looking through 4×5 & 8×10 view cameras seeing what is going on. Except a lot brighter, lighter weight and not upside down!

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