Wild Turkey Display

I was surprised to see a Wild Turkey struting around my yard the other morning. There are quite a few around where we live, but usually they are not displaying and are females. Reminds me of a post from fellow blogger Mike Powell, https://michaelqpowell.wordpress.com, earlier this week, showing a Wild Turkey struting around displaying it’s feathers from the back. Thought it was funny to see a similar pose. So, thanks Mike for giving me the inspiration for a similar image.

_MG_5803 v3_MG_5846 v3_MG_5785

6 Comments on “Wild Turkey Display

  1. Wow. It’s amazing to realize that you have wild turkeys in your front yard–I imagine you taking these shots in your pajamas, though I suspect that was not the case. Thanks for the mention. My photography mentor, Cindy Dyer, used to always remind me to take shots from lots of different perspective when I was just getting more seriously into photography. It astonished me sometimes to see how long she would “work” a subject before moving on to a new one.

  2. Thanks Mike! Yes we have a lot of Turkeys here. Neighbors have had to trim some trees because they used to hide under them and then come out at them as they walked by. One neighbor around the corner has a male Turkey that likes to be by her in the yard and follows her around. I did not photograph that one because I do not consider it a “Wild” Turkey. From doing Commercial Photography for over 45 years you do learn to see or try to see things differently and to get the most out of what you are photographing.

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