Blue Dasher Dragonfly In Our Garden

I was looking for a Praying Mantis in our gardens to photograph when this male Blue Dasher dragonfly landed on a branch by our carport. Not a great background but decided to photograph it anyway since I did not see any other interesting bugs. To minimize detail in the background carport siding I chose f/8 to minimize the carport detail. Since I was @ f/8 I shot a handheld series of images to retain detail on the dragonfly. I shot 3 images to focus stack on the dragonfly from wingtip to wingtip, then a 3 image series head to tail. After the main image stack, I moved in closer & closer for a few different closer versions since it seemed to be tolerating my being there.

A little closer view, Male Blue Dasher, Canon R, 300mm f/4 lens, 1.4x Canon Teleconverter, @ f/8
Closer view, Head Image, Wings Down, Canon R, 300mm, 1.4X Teleconverter, @ f/8
Closer view, Head Image, Wings Up, Canon R, 300mm, 1.4X Teleconverter @ f/8

15 Comments on “Blue Dasher Dragonfly In Our Garden

    • Thanks so much! Depending on your lens you might be able to use an extension tube on your lens to get close up images. They usually are not too expensive.

    • Thanks Mike! Yes, I enjoy seeing your dragonfly images! Yours is one of my favorite blogs to follow!! I started photographing Dragonflies & Damsels at my old home that had a fairly large pond. So it was sort of my private Dragonfly & Damselfly studio! Never knew what I would Damsels or dragons I would find!

      • It is definitely fun to photograph these colorful little creatures, especially when there is as much diversity in the available species as there is in my area.

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