Halloween Pennant

The Halloween Pennant is one of my favorite dragonflies so I like it when I find one (or more) to photograph. At my old home I had my own pond which was my combination macro & dragonfly studio along with several favorite National Wildlife Refuges with different varieties of dragonflies. So I am still exploring the local parks near my new condo for good dragonfly locations. I had the week off but the heat index was 110 degrees plus & minus all week so it was tough to get out to look for subjects to photograph. I did manage to get quite a variety earlier in the week and I am going through them.

Halloween_Pennant v2_DM_MG_1699Halloween_Pennant_v3_DM_7 18_43G9055Halloween_pennant v2_DM 7 18_43G9062

8 Comments on “Halloween Pennant

  1. Gorgeous shots, Reed, of what is also one of my favorite dragonfly species. One of the nice things about Pennants is that they tend to perch so high up on vegetation that you can get some uncluttered, creamy backgrounds.

  2. Thanks! And their perch being high is so true. I also like that they perch high so I believe they are posing or trying to cooperate with the photographer – just kidding on them posing for us. Also they are easy to ID!

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