Mute Swan Reflections

Sometimes I like the reflections in the water more than the main subject. Adds interest and fills in foreground details with interesting abstract patterns depending on the smoothness or ripples in the water.

mute swan refection v1_43G7273-2
swan mute reflection v2_43G7330

4 Comments on “Mute Swan Reflections

  1. I too am always fascinated by reflections and I like the way that you have featured them in these images and avoided the tendency that I have to crop too closely. I particularly am drawn to the last image, with its multiple mini-reflections.

    • Thanks! I tend to look for other photo opportunities while I am shooting my main subjects. Whether it is different compositions, different backgrounds to use later or shooting multiple images and stitching them together to help illustrate or visually tell a story. Sometimes it works! And sometimes it doesn’t! But it is fun to at least try!

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