Ice On Car Windshield

I found these ice crystals on my car windows and liked the ice patterns. I tried to position the camera to get the camera parallel to the window for more in focus yet get a darker background for contrast. I added a little more blue in Camera Raw to add a little more interest. All shot with a Canon 100mm macro Focused down to 1X with a Canon 1D MkIV (1.3 crop body)  giving a 1.3X shot. At this magnification and shooting handheld in low light, I shot a series of bursts for each shot, picking the sharpest one out of each series.


_43G5576 frost

_43G5650 frost

_43G5656 frost

_43G5667 frost v2

frost_43G5622 v2

frost_43G5622 v3


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