Happy First Day of Fall

Happy First Day of Fall. Can’t believe another Fall Season has come upon us. Cooler Days, Colorful Leaves and Wonderful Photographic Opportunities are coming here in the Northeast. Take advantage of the Fall to stock up with colorful landscapes, panoramas (both horizontal & vertical), leaf macros & closeups and skyscapes before the dull winter months. This gives me a stock of images to work on during the Winter months. I like to look for interesting leaf color combinations, trying different crops or processing techniques on the same image. So get out and have some fun capturing Fall in all of its colors.


Try Capturing a series of images from the same subject, trying wide to closer up. You can use this to help tell a story or just to see what image you like better for next time.

leaves_43G7810 copy




For landscapes intermix verticals in with horizontal formats. See what works best for what you are seeing in your minds eye.  Also shoot a few different views or crops in the same area. Often a composition I liked best looking through the viewfinder, seems not to be the “best” once I am working on editing them on the computer.




Look for detail images when you are working on your landscapes. Helps show the area and what is happening in the landscapes.


Golden Larch_80I0413


Fall one

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