Longwood Gardens Meadow Garden

Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA, has been known for wonderful formal gardens and water displays. This Spring they added a Meadow Garden consisting of 86 acres with 3.5 miles of walking & hiking trails through fields, wetlands and diverse habitats for flora and fauna. We finally got a chance to go and photograph this wonderful area. It is so large an area we only covered a small portion of the Meadows. It is wonderful for landscapes, macro, wildflowers and plants, insects and occasional wildlife. I was watching very large dragonflies whizz by, but did not get a chance to see any closeup, they were just cruising by. If we had stayed later we could probably have found them. There are many educational and information postings throughout the area, plus signs on bridges explaining what you are seeing. If you go through be sure to carry some water as it is quite a trek.

Opening Photo is a 3 frame panorama, Panasonic GH2, m43 body, 14-140mm Lens @ 14mm. Assembled in Photoshop CS6.

_1280554 lw meadow v1

_1280534 lw meadow v1

_1280560 lw pano v2

_1280564 lw meadow v1

_1280559 lw meadow v1

_1280537 lw meadow v1

_1280540 lw meadow v1

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