Raindrop on Evergreen Branch

I went outside after a rain to look for raindrops on flowers or leaves. On the evergreen by the sidewalk, I noticed this strand of a web with a large raindrop on it. There were a few smaller drops on the left part of the web strand to the left. This was 3 images shot with a close focusing 300mm lens. I like using the 300mm more for this type of shot than using a traditional macro. It gives me more working distance and a softer background than my typical macro lenses. Even my 150mm, 180mm or 200mm macros do not give me the same “look” that I wanted.

After the featured image I shot a series of 4 horizontal images along the top of the same branch. It seemed like there were a lot of water drops on  the branches. It looked like the rain ran down the lower needles and ended on the tip of the needles.

Evergreen Pano 5 img_raindrops_v1 5_18

4 image horizontal panorama from same above tree

Rhododendron Closeups

I photographed these closeups of  Rhododendron blossoms after a rain. I used a Panasonic GH2 m43 camera body with an old manual focus Canon FD f/4 macro lens mounted with a FD to m43 adapter. It is a great combination for closeups, from flowers to bugs. It gives you a dslr full frame equivalent of a 400mm macro that can go to 2X, but has the depth of field of a 200mm. Lets you get in close to your subject but still have a decent working distance. Also the viewfinder shows you the actual depth of field all the time so you can compose your shots easily. The light was very poor, so I used a tripod and tried various crops and angles. Exposures averaged around 1/20 sec ( the light was very dark) f/8 to f/11, 1/20 sec, ISO 400. Here are a few from the series.

_1260663 set1

_1260772 v3

_1260788 stack wht2


_1260946 v2

This hemlock was next to the Rhododendron. The cone with bug and water drop was about 1/2″. I did not notice the bug at first because it was so dark out. Panasonic GH2, Canon FD f/4 Manual Focus Macro lens, f/8, 1/50 sec, ISO 1600

_1260980 v2

Hemlock cone with bug, closer up, ~ 2X, Panasonic GH2, Canon FD f/4 Manual Focus Macro lens, f/8, 1/13 sec, ISO 1600

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