Sun Starburst Through The Leaves In The Woods.

I liked the yellow color of the leaves that were backlit from the sun shining through them.  I shot at f/16 to help get a starburst with the sun shining through the leaves for the featured image. This was near the end of one of the paths through the woods at the Park.


2 image panorama, nearing the end of the path through the woods. 14mm, m43 

Weathered Fall Leaf Still Life Images



Beginning of the trail through the woods


At the beginning of the trail, we heard someone behind us say “Excuse us! Be are just going to pass you. Then we realized it was a rider on a horse. Never heard them behind us!


DM_Weathered Leaf_v3_11_18_1450725DM_Leaves_v1_1450783DM_Walk_Leaves_v2_1450780DM_Fall_leaves_woods_v2_1450755

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