More Panoramas From 7 Lakes Drive

Additional Panorama Images from the 7 Lakes Drive in Harriman State Park. Most images were taken with a Canon 24-105mm lens with a Canon 1D mkIV. The last image was taken with a Panasonic GH2 m43 format camera with a 14-140mm lens. The Featured Image is made from 2- handheld 24mm horizontal images blended in Photoshop for a taller image to get a little more sky & foreground.

7 Lakes Drive, 2 Vertical Image Panorama for a little more height, shot @ 55mm. Blended in Photoshop.
7 Lakes Drive, 3 Vertical Image Panorama for more height, shot @ 50mm. Blended in Photoshop.

7 Lakes Drive, 5 Vertical Images Panorama, Overlapped Horizontally for a little more height, shot @ 60mm. Blended in Photoshop
7 Lakes Drive, 4 Vertical Image Panorama, Overlapped Horizontally for a little more height, shot @ 55mm. Blended in Photoshop.
7 Lakes Drive, 4 – 24mm Horizontal Images Stacked Vertically Panorama, Images Blended in Photoshop
7 Lakes Drive, 3 Horizontal Images Stacked Vertically Panorama, taken @14mm m43 Panasonic GH2

Night Photos with iPhone 11Pro

We were taking an evening walk in our community to get a few more steps in before settling in for the evening. It was a pleasant evening and the sidewalks were well lit. As we were going by the Meeting House, I decided to try a few night images with my iPhone 11Pro. It is supposed to be pretty good in low light, but have not really tried it at night. Here it was actually dark and I was surprised how good the images were straight out of the iPhone. It seemed to automatically somewhat balance nicely the highlights & darkness. Especially since there was a wide mix of darkness, spotlights and ambient lights along the sidewalk. I have tried shooting Raw files on the iPhone 11 Pro, but did not see that much difference so I just shoot jpegs with it. But I do have my Photoshop setup to open jpegs as raw files so I can pull even more detail and have more adjustments from the jpeg file before I actually  open them in Photoshop. I have not seen a significant difference on the jpeg files in image quality doing this and have printed these kind of files quite large. It goes against my normal work flow of shooting Raw files on all my other cameras. I was using the iPhone 11 Pro’s 4.3mm lens (Full Frame FOV equivalent ~26mm). The featured image is also 2 vertical 16×9 images blended, side by side to get a little bit wider view. When I am photographing with the iPhone I usually always use the 16×9 format. The image below is basically from the same spot but I just turned around from photographing the featured image. I was pleasantly surprised at the images because the exposures were 1/30 sec. on the Meeting House and 1/8 sec. for the image below. The exposure actually seemed much much longer and you could see some blurry movement during the beginning of capture on the phone’s screen. But I guess the phone was doing a lot of processing & adjusting of the image as it was saving the final file.

Commons_2img_pano_16x9_iP11_4_3mm FF26mm

180 degree Opposite View from where I was standing

Davidson’s Mill Pond Park HDR Vertical Panorama

We were going to go to a National Wildlife Refuge today but were not sure if it would be open because of the Government Shutdown. So we went to a local County Park to take a walk. It got up to 55 degrees here in NJ after weeks of very very cold weather, sometimes in single digits.

I did not find a lot of photo subjects, but by a smaller pond, the sun was high in the sky reflecting in the ice covering the pond. I thought it would be fun to try an HDR bracketed series of both exposures and images for the pano. I liked the reflections on the ice in the pond and stopped down to f/16 to get a nice starburst on the sun. Shooting multiple images vertically and horizontally with overlaps for both the panorama and Shutter speeds for the HDR effect.

Images shot @ 24mm, f/16, bracketed series of different shutter speeds for the HDR effect and series of compositions for the panorama.

Red-winged Blackbird in Tree

This is a 3 shot vertical panorama composite shot with the 400mm DO lens, handheld. I was looking at the lonely Blackbird and liked the angled branches of the tree with the snow behind the tree and thought it might be interesting if I made a vertical composition of the scene with the blackbird on top. Shooting vertically I could not fit it all in, so I shot 3 horizontal shots and stitched them together manually in Photoshop. I cropped a little off the sky on top, seemed like too much empty blue, and finished off with this crop.

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