Lone Treescape

We were walking around Davidson Mill Pond Park. I saw this tree in a field that I thought looked interesting. I liked the colors and that being still Winter,  it was bare of leaves. I was using a m43 camera with a 14-140mm lens. The featured image was at 48mm. Then I shot a 6 shot series at 14mm to combine in Photoshop. I liked the clouds and the farm look in the distance and the wider view of 3 images in 2 rows for the pano.

Lonely Tree Pano v11 14mm m43 5img 3 17

Eagles at Sunrise

When we go to the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge in Cambridge Maryland, we try to arrive right before sunrise. It takes us about 4 hours, so with traffic, many times we arrive a little late. On this trip we got there right on time. Driving down the entrance road and stopping to sign in, we spotted these 2 Eagles in a tree right along the entrance road. I liked the warm light as the sun was rising behind the tree with the Eagles, giving me an abstract silhouette of the Eagles. I got a few shots, but we wanted to get a little further down the road for some Landscapes with the rising sun.


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