Waking Up To An Ice Storm

The other morning we woke up to an overnight ice storm. Sidewalks and paths were covered with ice. But with the sun coming up, the trees were glistening with the ice. I took a series of images out my back door with my iPhone. Since I could not walk out there I was using the iPhone 11 Pro with the 6mm lens (full Frame Camera Equivalent of 52mm) but added different amounts of Digital Zoom with the iPhone. Also most are multi-image panoramas to get the composition I wanted. When adjusting the iPhone files in Adobe Camera Raw I could see what amounts of digital zoom I was using. Camera Raw also gives me the combination of 6mm iPhone lens with the in phone digital zoom amounts in comparable Field of View of a Full Frame Camera Equivalent Focal Length. So the Featured image is 3 images, shot with the 6mm iP11 lens with 401% Digital Zoom for a final Digital Focal length of 207mm. Just thought it was interesting for comparison to a Full Frame Camera.

ICE Storm, iP11 Pro, 6mm lens, 199% digital zoom, Full Frame Field of View ~ 103mm
ICE STORM, iP11 Pro, 6mm lens, 2 img pano & blend, No Digital Zoom, Full Frame Field of View – 52mm
Ice Storm, iP11 Pro, 3 image pano, 6mm lens, digital zoom 204%, 105mm Full Frame Field of View
IceStorm, 4img pano, iP11 Pro, 6mm lens, 249% digital zoom, 129mm Full Frame Equivalent Field of View

Trees In Winter


I was walking through a local park here in NJ looking for some photo subjects and get a walk in since it was a warmer day. Then I noticed the bare trees. Without their leaves you could really see the structures of their main branches, medium branches going off the main limbs and then the smaller twigs going off. They looked interesting seeing them this way when I had never really paid attention to them in Winter before. You see different patterns of branches, some branches look graceful going out to the smaller branches. Where others look all twisted and chaotic, reaching for the sky.

Winter Trees v1 DM 1 18_43G0850

Winter Trees DM v2 1 18_43G0858

Winter Tree v1 DM 1 18

Winter_Trees_DM v1 1 18_43G0854

I had to add one with leaves. Interesting seeing the green on this one with the leafless trees in the background.



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