3 Image 400mm Weathered Tree Trunk

I liked the textures, lines, lighting and colors in this weathered tree trunk. We were walking on one of the trails at the Plainsboro Preserve in NJ and I was only carrying my camera with a 400mm lens. I shot 3 overlapping images to assemble when I got home. If you are careful when shooting the 3 image sequence they go together easily. I like these kind of images either for a background for other images in one of my ebook pages (full strength or slightly ghosted) or even wall art at home or in the studio.



Tree Panorama

While I was photographing at a local public Garden, I saw this tree by the water with an interesting reflection. It looked as though the tree has had a hard life and is still there, barely. I thought the reflection made the tree look like it was rejuvenated a little, taking away some of the hard years it had seen.  I only had a 150mm macro with me, so I shot a 4 shot, handheld vertical panorama, assembling them in Photoshop. If you do not have the lens you want to use with you, find a way to use what you have.

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