Avro Lancaster Mk. X FlyBy

I am cleaning up my external Hard Drives and came across some images from an airshow at Willow Run Airport, Michigan in 2003. So this is a different kind of “bird”, a Warbird as they call them. This is a series of flyby images of a British WWII Avro Lancaster Mk. X heavy bomber. It was built in Canada in 1945 near the end of WWII. And looking it up it is amazing it still flying with the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. All images were taken with a Nikon D1X, with a modified expanded buffer to shoot up to 14 NEF Raw files before buffering to the card. This was state of the art in 2003, a whopping 5 megapixel camera. With a final image size of ~15meg. The D1X also had a crop factor of 1.5x. All images here were with a Nikon 80-400mm lens, Full Frame Camera field of view on the cropped sensor Nikon D1x is ~ 120-600mm with the 1.5X crop factor. I had also photographed this plane at other airshows so it gets around. But my photos for many years now are of birds & birds in flight. They are more challenging and rewarding to me these days!

WWII Avro Lancaster Mk. X heavy bomber, Nikon D1X, 80-400mm lens @ 250mm (Full Frame FOV Equivalent ~375mm
WWII Avro Lancaster Mk. X heavy bomber Flyby, Nikon D1X, 80-400mm lens @ 230mm (Full Frame FOV Equivalent ~345mm
WWII Avro Lancaster Mk. X heavy bomber direct Fly-Over, Nikon D1X, 80-400mm lens @ 100mm (Full Frame FOV Equivalent ~150mm
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