Swallowtail Caterpillars At Davidsons Mill Pond Park

During our photo walk at Davidsons Mill Pond Park I noticed a few Swallowtail Caterpillars in the Milkweed Fields. Both images are 3 image focus stacks taken taken @ f/8, for a smoother background. When I am shooting Focus stacks with a m43 camera & the lens @140mm, I tend to use an aperture of f/8. This way I get a little more depth of field and a somewhat smoother background. I only have to shoot 3 images for the stack on a subject that is also moving. So my main subject in the image lines up better in the 3 stacked images. If I used more images because it is slowly moving the main subject would not line up with the backgrounds.

3 image Focus Stack, 14- 140mm lens @ 140 mm, f/8

Swallowtail On Milk Thistle

There were quite a few butterflies in the Meadow at Longwood Gardens also. They seemed to like the Milk Thistle as did the Hummingbird Moths. And they were a lot slower and easier to photograph! Being the end of the season you can see the wear & tear on these butterflies.




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