Tree Swallow Nest In My Carport

When I was going to my car in the carport I noticed a Swallow flying in food to it’s chicks in a nest in the eaves of the carport. So I went to get a camera to photograph the chicks. The nest was in a very dark corner on the inside below the roof edge. Because of how dark it was and I was using a 300mm f/4 lens @ f/5.6, I upped my ISO to 3200 ISO to get a little higher shutter speed to get to sharper images in the dim light.
Swallows nest_4Swallows_nest_v6_076A3964Swallows nest v7Swallows nest v1 Carport_6 20076A3792Swallows nest v2_076A3789Swallows nest v1_076A3973

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