Walk In the Woods Series #1

We enjoy walking along the paths at local parks and some go through the wooded areas. It is fun to look for little Photo Still Life images or Vignettes of natural details. It makes you look closer at what you are walking through. You never know what you will or can find. The only trouble is it is usually very dark for photographing my subjects. The featured image is a group of fungus on a tree trunk.  I would usually use a tripod but on this walk I just had a 300mm lens so I raised my ISO to 6400 to get a high enough shutter speed even at f/4 for a sharp image in the tree covered woods. I shot 4 images, handheld, and focused on 4 different areas because I was shooting at f/4 to get the areas I wanted sharper and still get moody soft areas where I wanted.  Then I aligned & assembled the 4 images in Photoshop for the final image.

Meeting House 4 Image Verical Panorama

This is a 4 Image vertical panorama of the Meeting House in the condo community we live in now. It is a multi-use building for the whole community and it reminds me of areas I used to like to photograph in New England when our children were small. They liked Old Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts among others. I tried a variety of ways to photograph this building to see which way I liked it best plus it gave me an opportunity to practice or try different effects and combinations.

For this image I shot 4 images, handheld, vertically at 24mm. I used a lot of overlap on each image because I was shooting at 24mm (vertically). It helps having a lot of overlap in the images when using a 24mm, it seems like Photoshop handles it better and you get less “distortion” in the combining of the separate images.

On this version the clouds were amazing, so I continued up to include a lot of clouds & sky.

It seems like the more you do of these panoramas the more you learn and have a higher success rate. Also if you are just walking around and traveling “light” with just one lens, it gives you more options for photo subjects.

More Cloudscapes From Davidson Mill Pond

Here are a few more panoramas from our outing to Davidsons  Mill Pond Park. Some are regular panoramas, and some are stacked multi-row panoramas, like the featured image.

DM Pond Pano stk v5 3img DM 6 17

5 image panorama, 14mm, m43 camera

Clouds DM 6 17 v1

4 image stacked pano, 2 img x 2 img

DB lndspe clds v1 6 17_1410159

6 img multi stack pano @14mm, m43 camera

DM Cloud 6 17 v2_1410176

4 img multi stack pano, horizontal, combined in 2 rows of 2 @14mm, m43 camera

DM Clouds pano 4 img DM 6 17

4 img pano @14mm, m43 camera

DM Clouds v1 6 17_1410167

3 images, horizontal, stacked vertically, @14mm, m43 camera

DM clouds v1 6 17_1410171

2 images, horizontal format, stacked vertically, 14mm, m43 camera

DM Clouds v1 14mm 6 17_1410169

2 images, horizontal format, stacked vertically, 14mm, m43 camera

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