Wood Stork Flying In Nest Building Materials

When we were photographing birds at a Rookery in Florida, I photographed this Wood Stork flying in nest building materials. Once it got closer to the tree the nest was in, it disappeared in the branches and leaves.


Roseate Spoonbill Antics

While I was photographing birds at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm I noticed these 2 Spoonbills, high up on a branch, interacting together. They kept prodding each other and making quite a bit of noise squawking as they were going at it.  But it gave me an opportunity to get some interesting photos of them while they were busy.  I was using a zoom lens from 350mm to 600mm. Maybe the one just wanted the spot on the branch the other one was standing. After a few minutes it did get the spot on the branch. While I was working on my files I was amazed at the detail of the images from the Canon R. Especially the fine feather details and the clean look of the files.

Roseate_Spoonbills_v1_AF_4_19_250mm_76A9000 Roseate_Spoonbills_v2_AF_4_19Roseate_Spoonbills_v2_AF_4_19_310mm_76A8977Roseate_Spoonbills_v2_AF_4_19_225mm_76A8973Roseate_Spoonbills_v2_AF_4_19_225mm_76A8967Roseate_Spoonbill_v2_AF_4_19_600mm_76A8957Roseate_Spoonbill_v2_AF_4_19_600mm_76A8948Roseate_Spoonbill_v2_600mm_AF_4_19_76A8930


Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms!

A few images of young birds in nests from a recent photo trip.

GE_Chicks_v2_AF_4_19_600mm_076A9502GE_Chicks_AF_4_19_v1_500mm076A9693GE_Chick_nest_AF_4_19_600mm_v2_076A9513GE_2_Nests_Chicks_v2_AF_4_19_400mm_076A9455Roseate_Spoonbill_chicks_v2_AF_4_19_600mm_76A8086GE_Chicks_v2_AF_4_19_v1_600mm_076A9578GE_Nest_w_chicks_v3_550mm_AF_use_76A4237aGREAT_EGRETS_NEST_CHICKS_329MM_076A0175-2GE_in nest_329mm_76A3843

Young Great Egrets

_GE_Nest_Chicks_v2_AF_600mm_76A4291The featured image shows a little older set of young Great Egrets. They were just hanging out at the nest waiting for food for when their parents return. Below are a few other Great Egret nests with younger birds showing their “fuzzy” look. The images were shot at 550mm and 600mm.





Courting Wood Storks

Wood_Stork_Courting_v2_76A4385With all the nests at the rookery, it was probable you would find some birds mating. Did not think it would be Wood Storks though. These Storks were at the top of one of the tallest trees in the Rookery. Not sure if it was their nest or an existing abandoned nest. Images shot @ 600mm. The images below are why there are so many nests at the Rookery. The alligators are basically protecting the nests from predators that would climb up the trees to feed on the young birds. These are just a few of the 30 or more alligators below the walkway.





More Great Egret Nests

Among the wide variety of nesting birds at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm’s Rookery, there are many Great Egret nests in the trees. This blog post shows a few of these.  It is amazing to see so many nests in most of the trees. Some trees have a dozen or more nests in a single tree. Also the variety of birds nesting in the same tree.


Tricolored Heron Nest With Eggs

I have not posted recently because we were traveling to a variety of spots for a photography vacation. The featured image is a Tricolored Heron Nest in a rookery at one of our stops. The image is a 2 image panorama @ 600mm and I did not want to zoom out to get it all in so I went with 2 handheld shots to assemble for the final image. I also wanted to show a little more to the right & left around the nest. It was an interesting spot to photograph with a wide variety of nesting birds with probably over 100 nests throughout the rookery. I was trying out a 150-600mm lens and it seemed to work extremely well with a Canon R mirrorless camera body. Especially with the White birds in bright sunlight, all types of Egrets, Herons & Wood Storks, etc. The Canon R did not blow out any of the highlights and had amazing detail in the “whites”. It especially worked well with the fine feathery Breeding Plumage


Tricolored Heron Eggs in Nest



Another single image from a 2 image series showing nest, but cutting off right bill. 2nd image would show more to the right background.


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