Tiny Spider – Large Web

I was looking for bugs or dragonflies in our garden and noticed this tiny spider in the middle of a very large web. The spider was only about 1/4 inch long so it was interesting it had such a large web. I shot a few images with my iPhone then went in to get my 150mm Macro with a Canon 1.4x Teleconverter. I should have also shot a wider shot showing the whole web. I did not confirm the type of spider but think it is an Orchard Orb-weaver.

Small Spider on web, Sigma 150mm macro lens, Canon 1.4x Teleconverter (~210mm with Teleconverter) Canon R

Golden Silk Orb-Weaver

I photographed this Golden Silk Orb-Weaver spider at J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge, in Sanibel, Florida. I never saw a colorful spider like this one before. I was going to a lookout platform along the Wildlife Drive and along the boardwalk, which is very dark because of all the Mango trees covering the walk, I noticed this web. I went back to the car and switched to a shorter lens. But because of how dark it was under all the trees, I shot bursts hoping one would be sharp because of the slow shutter speed I had to use.


Orb Weaver Web

Orb Weaver Web

Orb Weaver web v1_1340289

Orb Weaver web v1_1340357

Orb Weaver web v1_1340378

Orb Weaver web v2_1340282

Orb Weaver web v2_1340286

Orb Weaver web v2_1340305

Orb Weaver web v2_1340333

Orb Weaver web v3_1340287

Orb Weaver web v5_1340288

Orb Weaver web_1340289-2 v3

Spider Webs With Morning Dew

Every so often, while we are going through a nature reserve, we are fortunate to find spider webs with morning dew on them. Here are a few from a previous trip.

spider web bwr_43G8039 v3

_43G8033 v4


Web Browsing

I like a different kind of Web Browsing. It is fun to wander around either in my yard or parks looking for spider webs. Sometimes I get lucky and find nice webs with morning dew with interesting backgrounds & backlighting. But more often I find webs in difficult areas to get to or in really dark areas with bad light and wind blowing it around. If you keep an eye out for webs while you are out shooting other subjects, quite often you will come across them. Sometimes I try to get in as close as I can for more detail in the web and spider. Other times I back out to show more of the whole web. For whole webs you do not need a macro lens. If you want to get closer and do not have a macro lens, try extension tubes or achromatic filters. They work quite well on 70 – 200 or 300mm zooms or even 50mm normal lenses. You can even try a short extension tube on wide angle lenses. When shooting spiders close-up, try just moving up or down slightly ┬áto get different backgrounds. You do not have to move too much to get different background effects and density variations. Either way, give it a try and have fun.

_43G5905 web







1220611 paf


Twenty four shot image stack assembled in Photoshop





_MG_0224 copy


_1110877 web







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