Heads Or Tails

I like to photograph Swans. One РThey are Large! Two Рthey allow you to get Close! Three  РThey are fun to photograph. Four РThey are Large (again). Easy to get frame filling photos. They allow you to get close. Between their antics between pairs,  seeing babies on their backs swimming by, their action going after other birds too close to their nest. It can go on and on. Also if you get a bunch fly by you, the sound of the Woosh from their wingbeats is cool sounding. Also watching them flapping like crazy getting airborne is fun to photograph.


Mute swan v1 McFaul v2_43G9009

Mute Swan Tail v1 mcfaul_43G8967

Mute Swan Tail v1 Mcfaul_43G8991

_Mute swam McFaul v143G1578-2

Swan v5 Mcf 2015_1290410

Mute Swan v3 McFaul_MG_6654-2

Sleeping Mute Swan

I was photographing this sleeping Swan, every once in a while it would open it’s eye to check me out, then go back to sleep.

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