Slaty Skimmer Head-On View

I am always trying different ways to photograph Dragonflies and Damselflies. At one location most of the dragonflies are not where I can get close to get the detail I want. So I have to come up with different ways to photograph them. Here I was trying a 300mm lens with close focusing capability. I also added a 2X teleconverter, so using a Canon 1.6 crop sensor camera I had a FOV equivalent of 960mm of a full frame camera. Some shots I also added a short extension tube between the lens and the teleconverter which also enlarges the image on the sensor a little more. But doing this you cannot focus to infinity, but I did not need that ability to photograph Dragonflies.Slaty Skimmer v1 3img_960mm_DM 7 18Slaty_Skimmer_v8_DM 960mmSlaty_Skimmer_v9_DM_960mm_MG_3912Slaty_Skimmer_v1a_DM_7_18_MG_3920

Bad Wing Day For Slaty Blue Dragonfly

Slaty Skimmer Around Pond

This Slaty Skimmer started hanging around the pond. It is a large Dragonfly, apparently common in the state. This one has a damaged wing, but does not seem to hinder its flying ability, it is quite agile and fast.It is nice to see a different dragonfly that seems to be staying here for a while. Looking them up, they are one of the longest staying Dragonflies in New Jersey, some staying into October.

_43G3263 Slaty Skimmer v2

Slaty Skimmer Head On, showing damaged wing.

_43G3171Slaty Skimmer v2

Slaty Skimmer Head On Closer Up.

_43G3163 Slaty Skimmer

Slaty Skimmer from behind on a dried grass, showing damaged wing.

_43G3158 Slaty Skimmer v2

3/4 side view, Slaty Skimmer Head On, showing damaged wing.



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