Plainsboro Preserve Lake

5 image Panorama of 50-acre McCormack Lake at Plainsboro Preserve. The Plainsboro Preserve is a collaboration with the Township of Plainsboro, the County of Middlesex,
and New Jersey Audubon.  Close to 1,000 acres of lands were preserved by the County of Middlesex and the Township of Plainsboro that supports a diversity of habitats and wildlife, with one of the largest lakes in the area. The featured image is a 5 image panorama, each section shot @ 14mm on a m43 Olympus Camera. Then assembled in Photoshop. When doing panoramas with a m43 Camera, I tend to overlap each image more because of the smaller format. It just seems to lineup better and give better “blending” of the individual frames. On full frame cameras I do not have to shoot as many sections to get a “Smooth” overlap.


Bench view of McCormack Lake, 14mm m43 Format

Early Morning Cloudscape Panorama

I liked the colors and shapes of these early morning clouds. I did not want to use a wide angle lens because I did not want a lot of foreground and darker sky above the clouds. I used a 400mm lens with a 1.4x teleconverter with a series of 7 overlapping handheld images combined in Photoshop CC2017. This way I can also print it quite large if I wanted.

Cloudscape Panorama

When the clouds or sky look interesting, it is fun to do a multi-shot cloud or sky panorama. This was multiple handheld images shot with a zoom lens @70mm. This was image combined in Photoshop using Auto-Align and then Auto-Blend. Sometimes I combine them manually for more control of what I want. Final Image is 98″ x 21″.


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