Steamtown National Historic Site (part 2)

Another post on Steamtown National Historic Site. This one is concentrating on the Railyard with Trains & Rail Cars in storage, waiting to be restored or maybe for parts. This area was actually more interesting to see and photograph. A lot textures and rust! And a lot of photo subjects.

_Maps - Steamtown National Historic Site

Steamtown Map showing facilities


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Pano Tender

I put this image in again to explain how I did this multi-image Handheld panorama. This was different because I was very close to my large subject.  Usually my Panorama subjects or landscapes are way off in the distance. I just shoot a series of images, shooting from a somewhat center position, panning left to right. But because I was so close and not a lot of room to back up, I did a Foot Pano. I just shot an image at certain overlapping sections as I walked down the length of the long tender. This way I would not get more distortions on the ends of the pano from shooting with a wide angle lens shooting centered to the tender.

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