Parting Of Clouds

I like photographing clouds. You do not have to go anywhere to photograph them. Just look up. I know there are amazing areas to go for landscapes and clouds, but my work keeps me from traveling to distant locations. Some day I hope to do that. Plus I also use them a lot for backgrounds in my e-books. Either full strength or slightly ghosted with other images and text on top. I am happy to see what I can get the most out of close to home. I guess it is more of a challenge to see what I come up with.

Shot with an iPhone 6 with the ProCamera app (2 shots) in HDR mode during a walk. Adjusted slightly in Photoshop.


Another one of my favorite subjects are what I call Cloudscapes, instead of landscapes I look up. Fluffy clouds and bright colors make interesting subjects. Sunrises and sunsets help add another color dimension. They can also have an Artsy Abstract look and feel. A lot of my Cloudscapes I shoot with my iPhone using the app ProCamera. It gives you +&- exposure control, a nice HDR feature and a variety of low light shooting features.

clouds IMG_2615v2

sky clouds IMG_3792 v2

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