Eastern Tiger Swallowtail On Butterfly Bush

I was going through older images to look for some colorful images to post on the blog. These were from my old home by my pond. This was on the other side of the pond probably 20 feet from my camera. Even with a 400mm lens the image would not have filled the frame like I wanted, so I started experimenting with different ways to get closer. So by adding a short extension tube, then a 1.4x teleconverter, then another extension tube I was able actually starting to get what I wanted in the frame. It took hours of experimenting with different sized extension tubes, teleconverters and teleconverter and extension tube placement for different results resulting in a large image on the camera’s sensor.

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail v1 yard_43G2842

A Walk At The Tubman Road Trail

These are from a walk at the Tubman Road Trail at the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge outside of Cambridge Maryland a few weeks ago. Many times when we go to Blackwater NWR, we stay on the main drive through the Refuge. Last time we went to see what was happening at the Tubman Road Trail. Our previous trip around Christmas, we were surprised to see how large the trees have grown from their reforestation program from a tornado years ago, but it was very quiet for wildlife. The trail is about 2 miles long and goes through fields, forests & marsh areas, giving a wide variety of photo subjects. From birds, animals, reptiles, butterflies (+bugs), landscapes and nature still life images.

It was late Winter so it was a little quite for wildlife, but on previous visits we photographed Eagles, hawks and a variety of other birds. It is also nice for just the walk to see what you can find. We only went down to the first series of ponds to check things out and then returned to the Wildlife Drive for the Snow Geese.

The featured image is one of the ponds a little into the walk. It is three vertical shots, handheld, assembled in Photoshop, 14mm with a m43 camera.  The ponds are getting harder to photograph because the bushes are getting taller, obstructing part of the view.

Tubman Trl 4 sht m43 pano 14mm BWR v2

Pond next to parking area, 3 shots, 14mm, m43 camera

TT BWR v1_1380870

Another pond on the other side of the path. 

Many times you can see Woodpeckers & Flickers along this area. One tree here used to have a Flicker nest.

TT BWR v1_1380866

A wider view of the above pond 

BWT TT v1_1380934

Another view of ponds


BWR TT v1_1380937

A view down the path near the entrance

BWR TT v1_1380930

BWR TT PineCones v1_1390051


BWR TT path_1390002

You have to watch for exposed roots along the path, but they sometimes look interesting.

BWR TT lndcsp v1_1380911

Pond from further down path 

BWR TT Detail v2_1380860

Tree Root Still Life

BWR TT Detail v1_1380858

Pine Needle Still Life


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