Panoramas From Davidsons Mill Pond Park

We went to Davidsons Mill Pond Park to take a walk through the wooded area and see how the Fall colors were. The panoramas here were from the large pond on the Farm Road Trail. The featured panorama image was 6 handheld horizontal images, @ 24mm looking down the pond from the narrow end of the pond. For handheld panoramas I tend to overlap the images more than if I was using a tripod. When doing panoramas, the amount of overlap on the images determines the length of the panorama.

Another 6 image panorama, 24-105mm @ 24mm, Canon R. On this I shot images with less overlapping on images for a slightly longer panorama
Davidsons Mill Pond, Corner view, 3 Horizontal Images @24mm, Stacked Vertically
Davidsons Mill Pond, Corner view, 3 Horizontal Images, 24mm-105mm @24mm, Stacked
Davidson Mill Pond, Side view from trail, 4 Horizontal Images through opening in trees, 24-105mm @ 50mm
Fallen Branches on Path, 2 Horizontal images Pano, 24-105mm @ 105mm, Canon R

14 Image iPhone Lake Woodruff National Wildlife Refuge Landscape Panorama

For this landscape I used the 1.5mm lens on the iPhone 11 Pro and shot 14 images. (Full Frame Camera Field of View equivalent is 13mm). I brought the files into Adobe Camera Raw to adjust the files and pull out detail and balance my settings. Than I open them into one layered Photoshop file with each image in a layer. Next in Photoshop I align and blend Automatically the 14 images into one final blended image. I still have layered sections and save the layered file just in case I need to touch up something. Then I flatten the image for the final image.

Bombay Hook NWR Landscapes

Here are a series of landscape & cloudscape images from a recent visit to Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge in Delaware. The featured image was shot @ 14mm along the Wildlife Drive.


Bombay Hook Landscape along Wildlife Drive – Shearness Pool @ 12mm, Canon R


Bombay Hook Landscape along Wildlife Drive @ 158mm, Canon R, Tamron 150-600mm

BH_Lndscp_v4 2_img_pan_12mm

Bombay Hook Landscape along Wildlife Drive – Shearness Pool @12mm, 2 img pano, Canon R


Bombay Hook Landscape, Shearness Pool along Wildlife Drive @ 14mm, Olympus OM-D


Extreme Snow Geese Panorama

I know it is hard to see here on the featured image, but sometimes I try images just for the challenge! I really thought it would not work, but gave it a shot anyway. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. This series worked! This is 50 closely overlapping images, combined in Photoshop, for a final image that is 170 inches long. I shot this with a larger overlap than usual because the subjects were moving and gave me more choices for working on the final layered file to fix moving Snow Geese on the overlapping sections. Before flattening the layered file, on the overlapping areas I could erase small sections with the movement I wanted to erase. There is probably more than a thousand Snow Geese in this group and they made a lot of noise, even at the distance I was from them. I let Photoshop churn away overnight so I am not sure how long it took to assemble. I would guess more than 5 or 6 hours, since it was my home system. I was using a 400mm lens with a 1.4X teleconverter. When I started to shoot this panorama I had no idea how many images I would end up with to combine. This was taken last year at the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge in Maryland.

Davidson’s Mill Pond Park HDR Vertical Panorama

We were going to go to a National Wildlife Refuge today but were not sure if it would be open because of the Government Shutdown. So we went to a local County Park to take a walk. It got up to 55 degrees here in NJ after weeks of very very cold weather, sometimes in single digits.

I did not find a lot of photo subjects, but by a smaller pond, the sun was high in the sky reflecting in the ice covering the pond. I thought it would be fun to try an HDR bracketed series of both exposures and images for the pano. I liked the reflections on the ice in the pond and stopped down to f/16 to get a nice starburst on the sun. Shooting multiple images vertically and horizontally with overlaps for both the panorama and Shutter speeds for the HDR effect.

Images shot @ 24mm, f/16, bracketed series of different shutter speeds for the HDR effect and series of compositions for the panorama.

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