Davidsons Mill Pond Park Panoramas

Another handheld panorama from Davidsons Mill Pond Park. I liked the reflections of the clouds in the pond and on this visit the sky and clouds were great. It seemed to add more “depth” to the water in the foreground. This was a simple 2 horizontal images pano, shot with an Olympus OMD-1  with a 14-140mm lens @ 14mm. The 2 images were loaded into one layered Photoshop file. Then I used Photoshop to Align & then Blend the layers for the final panorama image. I usually keep the layered PSD file also in case I want to tweak something later. Then I flatten the image and rename it for the final Image version. I do not use some of the stand alone specialized Panorama programs since Photoshop does such a good job with panoramas, even Panoramas that are stacked rows of multi-images, such as 8 images wide x 10 images high (80 images). It might take a while for Photoshop to churn it out. But that depends on your computer and how much Ram it has. 

4 Image Panorama, 14mm, m43 Panasonic, @ f/8
4 Image Panorama, 14mm, m43 Olympus OMD-1 @ f/8, 1/1600 sec.
2 Image Panorama, f/8, 24mm, EOS R, R72 Infrared Filter, Then Convert to B&W

Dragons & Damsels Panoramas

Panoramas are not just for landscapes! I enjoy shooting panoramas for a variety of subjects. Plus they look interesting when you print them very large! Here are a series of multi-image Dragonfly & Damselfly Panoramas. I was using Canon & Panasonic Cameras, with a variety of lenses. The featured Blue Dasher Dragonfly image was 5 handheld images taken with a Canon 300mm lens, with extension tubes @ f/9, 1/250th sec. Then assembled and blended in Photoshop. When shooting panoramas handheld, I tend to overlap even more just to be safe & that I got enough overlap to blend nicely. I may not need them, but it helps if you do need more images when assembling them. The images below have some details on exposure & images shot per panorama.

Damselfly_3img_pano_1110038 pano

Eastern Forktail Damselfly, 4 image panorama, Panasonic GH2 with adapted Canon FD 200mm Manual Focus Macro lens, blended in Photoshop.

Blue_Dasher Pano_43G3758 crp v3

Blue Dasher, Female – 400mm DO lens with extension tubes, Canon 1D mkIV,  3 image panorama, f/11, 1/250 

Eastern Forktail FM_DAMSELFLY STACK V1_43G0245

Eastern Forktail Damselfly, 3 image panorama, Panasonic GH2 with adapted Canon FD 200mm Manual Focus Macro lens


Rhododendron Closeups

I photographed these closeups of  Rhododendron blossoms after a rain. I used a Panasonic GH2 m43 camera body with an old manual focus Canon FD f/4 macro lens mounted with a FD to m43 adapter. It is a great combination for closeups, from flowers to bugs. It gives you a dslr full frame equivalent of a 400mm macro that can go to 2X, but has the depth of field of a 200mm. Lets you get in close to your subject but still have a decent working distance. Also the viewfinder shows you the actual depth of field all the time so you can compose your shots easily. The light was very poor, so I used a tripod and tried various crops and angles. Exposures averaged around 1/20 sec ( the light was very dark) f/8 to f/11, 1/20 sec, ISO 400. Here are a few from the series.

_1260663 set1

_1260772 v3

_1260788 stack wht2


_1260946 v2

This hemlock was next to the Rhododendron. The cone with bug and water drop was about 1/2″. I did not notice the bug at first because it was so dark out. Panasonic GH2, Canon FD f/4 Manual Focus Macro lens, f/8, 1/50 sec, ISO 1600

_1260980 v2

Hemlock cone with bug, closer up, ~ 2X, Panasonic GH2, Canon FD f/4 Manual Focus Macro lens, f/8, 1/13 sec, ISO 1600

Spring Sunrise

Although Spring has arrived in the Northeast, the weather has still been very cold. Between work and the cold weather I have not had a chance to go out and shoot some new images for the blog. I was leaving early to get to work at 6:40 in the am and saw this interesting sunrise with puffy clouds. I only had my small Panasonic GH2 and I clicked a few quick shots. Nothing great, but something colorful to post.

Panasonic GH2, Panasonic Lumix G 14-140mm f/4 -5.8@ 140mm, 1/80 sec, -0.33 exposure compensation, ISO 640

Shasta Daisy

This is a Shasta Daisy from last Summer. After a rain, I was looking around the yard for possible interesting photos. I found this Daisy with raindrops of the petals, then an insect landed which I thought added a little more interest. The yellow in the left bottom corner with the green in the background added an additional splash of colors diagonally. Panasonic m43 GH2 with a FD Canon 200mm manual focus macro f/4 @ f/8, 1/160th sec., aperture priority, 1/160 sec, ISO 400, Exposure compensation +0.67, effective 400mm with the GH2 sensor.

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