Sleeping Mute Swans At Brigantine

At the end of the Wildlife Drive at Brigantine there is a nice corner view of Doughey Creek. Sometimes you can see an Eagle off in the distance in the trees that are not visible from the other main Wildlife Drives. On this visit there were a couple of Mute Swans sleeping close to the Drive right before you exit the Drive or before you can go around for another visit on the Drive

Sleeping Mute Swan, Canon R @ 600mm, When it was closer to the bridge near the exit on our Round on Drive
Sleeping Mute Swans, 6 Image Panorama, Canon R @ 600mm
Sleeping Mute Swan (keeping an eye on me) Canon R @ 600mm
Mute Swans Sleeping, 5 Image Pano, Tamron 600mm, f/16, Canon R
Brigantine Wildlife Drive Map

Territorial Mute Swans

The pair of Mute swans that flew in after the Immature Mute Swan that flew in a few weeks ago really seem to keep after him. They seem to continually go after him chasing him around the small lake. It seems that they can ignore him for a while then all of a sudden fly across the lake to go after him. But it does supply action sequences for photos! It is amazing to see such large birds flapping around, give quite a show.

mute swan chase start cf v1 _43G6885

Moving in to start the chase.

mute swan chase cf v1_43G6898

They’re Off

mute swan chase cf v2_43G6900

Getting Closer!

Pair of Mute Swans Portrait

This pair of Mute Swans arrived at the small lake where the Immature Mute Swan from one of the earlier blogs. They do not seem to like having the immature Mute Swan on the same lake as they are territorial and seem to keep chasing him around. Which does give many opportunities for photos. I made this vertical portrait of the new pair as they were swimming together close by me. I also shot quite a few horizontal shots but had to shoot 2 shot handheld panoramas because they were too close to fit them both in the frame at one time.mute swans pair cf v3

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