Osprey Fishing In Early Morning

I am cleaning my backup hard drives to remove files to clean up space and to remove files I do not need or duplicates. I found this series of an Osprey fishing at the Celery Farm Natural Area in Allendale, NJ. These were taken at 7 am so there was not a lot of light so I was happy they came out as well as they did because the Canon 1D mkIII was a little “noisy” in low light. The refuge years ago was a Celery Farm and after that they raised carp here before it became a town Natural Area. So you can see a small splash of orange color in the featured image by the Ospreys talons. The Osprey was not able to hold on to the Carp and dropped it before the next image.

Osprey Fishing Sequence

This is a set of images of an Osprey fishing series. I was photographing this Osprey flying overhead when it saw something and went into a dive to catch a meal. I lost the Osprey in my viewfinder on the way down but got it again as it hit the water. I kept shooting while it caught it’s prey, surfaced and flew off. The final image is when it circled around and flew by me with it’s fish in its claws.
Osprey_Fishing_MG_1121Osprey_Fishing_MG_1120Osprey_Fishing_MG_1122Osprey_Fishing_MG_1123Osprey_Fishing_MG_1125Osprey_Fishing_MG_1126Osprey_Fishing_MG_1127Osprey_Fishing_MG_1128Osprey_Fishing_MG_1129Osprey_Fishing_MG_1130Osprey_Fishing_MG_1131Osprey_Fishing_MG_1132Osprey_Fishing_MG_1133Osprey_Fishing_MG_1134Osprey_Fishing_MG_1135Osprey Fishing_MG_1136

Osprey With Meal

From the archives, this Osprey caught a fish then landed in the grasses along the water at the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge in New Jersey. It stayed there quite a while before it flew off with the fish returning to one of the Osprey platforms in the Refuge. They are returning now to this area after the long hard Winter in the Northeast. Already saw some at the local small refuge close to home. Going down to this Wildlife Refuge across from Atlantic City to see if they are there already.

_43G0615 v4



Osprey Fishing Sequence

I was going through some older files and found this Osprey fishing sequence from The Celery Farm Natural Area a few years ago. I thought it was an interesting way to show how an Osprey fishes for its meals.

Osprey Flyby

I thought Ospreys had left our area because of the colder weather, but I was surprised to see this female Osprey fly in. It circled for quite a few passes, looking for a meal, but eventually moved on. They are always fun to watch fly and glide by.

_43G8313 cf osprey v2

Female Osprey circling looking for meal. Canon EOS 1D MkIV, Canon 400mm f/4 IS DO, f/7.1, 1/1000 sec, +0.67 exposure compensation, ISO 320.

_43G8315 cf osprey v3

_43G8340 cf osprey v3


Ospreys at the Celery Farm

It was a busy day for Ospreys at The Celery Farm Natural Area. Lately there has not been a lot of activity with the birds here, but the last few days the Ospreys have been very busy. Multiple sightings during the morning and late afternoon. Multiple dives further out in the Lake. Usually only getting small fish. Here are a few of the hundreds of images I captured today.




Coming Out of the Lake

_43G9776 cf osprey v2

Starting to Hover Before the Dive.

_43G9774 cf osprey v2


_43G0048 cf osprey v2

Scanning the Lake

_43G0040 cf osprey v2

Still Looking Below

_43G0031 cf osprey v1a

Keeping an Eye on the Photographers

_43G0028 cf osprey v2

Osprey’s Big Splash

This Osprey was circling and fishing on the far side of the lake. The first attempt she did not catch anything. On the second attempt she caught a small fish and flew off. She hit the water hard and made quite a large splash. The following is the sequence of hitting the water, then exiting flying off with her meal. The whole sequence was under 5 seconds.


_43G7859 cf osprey v2

_43G7860 cf osprey v2

_43G7863 cf osprey v2

_43G7865 cf osprey v2

_43G7866-2 v2

_43G7867  cf osprey v2

_43G7868  cf osprey v3

_43G7869 cf osprey v1

_43G7870 cf osprey v2


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