Osprey Fishing Sequence

This is a set of images of an Osprey fishing series. I was photographing this Osprey flying overhead when it saw something and went into a dive to catch a meal. I lost the Osprey in my viewfinder on the way down but got it again as it hit the water. I kept shooting while it caught it’s prey, surfaced and flew off. The final image is when it circled around and flew by me with it’s fish in its claws.
Osprey_Fishing_MG_1121Osprey_Fishing_MG_1120Osprey_Fishing_MG_1122Osprey_Fishing_MG_1123Osprey_Fishing_MG_1125Osprey_Fishing_MG_1126Osprey_Fishing_MG_1127Osprey_Fishing_MG_1128Osprey_Fishing_MG_1129Osprey_Fishing_MG_1130Osprey_Fishing_MG_1131Osprey_Fishing_MG_1132Osprey_Fishing_MG_1133Osprey_Fishing_MG_1134Osprey_Fishing_MG_1135Osprey Fishing_MG_1136

Osprey Diving In…..

I photographed this female Osprey diving in to grab a stick for the nest. The nest was already built, but I guess it was for repairs. I shot this series earlier this Summer, but have been busy with work. I liked the out-stretched talons and the look of concentration as it was going after something.  Canon 7D, 400mm f/4 DO lens, Canon 1.4x Series III Teleconverter.

Osprey stick brig 2016 v1_MG_7440 hp v2The Osprey kept picking up sticks for a while, returning to the nest, where there were a few chicks.

Osprey v1 Sticks Brig 2016__MG_5618osprey v5 brig 2016_MG_7571osprey v1 brig 2016_MG_7571

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