Blue Dasher Dragonflies @ Davidsons Mill Pond Park

On our visit to Davidsons Mill Pond Park the dragonflies were flying far out in the small pond. And almost none were flying by the large Lake. After searching the shorelines I was able to get a few Dragonfly images to post here. For this post I am showing images of a Blue Dasher (male) dragonfly. Some of the dragonflies looked a little worse for wear already in the season with wing damage.

Blue Dasher Dragonfly showing wing damage already in the season. Panasonic 100-300mm lens @ 300mm, Olympus OM D-1
Davidsons Mill Pond, iP11 Pro, 4.3mm lens (Full Frame Equiv. 26mm)

Spangled Skimmer Dragonfly @ Davidsons Mill Pond Park

We were going for a walk at the Davidsons Mill Pond Park so I took a camera with me to look for some dragonflies to photograph. Most of the Dragonflies were far out buzzing around the small pond but I did manage to get a few images there to post. Then we went down to the larger lake and got a few more Dragonflies resting in the bushes by the larger lake. I was traveling light with an Olympus OM D 1 with a 100-300mm lens since I did not think the Dragonflies would be very active at noon. The Olympus m43 camera & lens @ 300mm has the Field of View of a Full Frame Canon camera @ 600mm. For this post I am showing images of a Spangled Skimmer Dragonfly. I usually do not see this type of dragonfly so it was fun to see & photograph!

Moving Closer to Fill the frame more – Spangled Skimmer Dragonfly, Olympus OM D 1, 100-300mm lens @ 300mm
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